Week 15 (and recap of week 14)

It is getting real! I can count the weeks left until race weekend on one hand. I sort of lost last week as far as my blogging goes, but I was still putting in some decent mileage. I was traveling to a conference for work and got out for an early morning run around the city and put in some treadmill miles on the second day.

It’s my first week working at home with the boys back to school and it is oh so nice! It’s quiet and despite having to take lots of breaks throughout the day for potty training a puppy, I can get so much more done while they are gone. On top of that, the house stays relatively clean and the groceries aren’t depleted by the end of the day. I love my boys, but when your home is also your work, it really makes you appreciate getting back to a more simplified day.

Here is a recap of some of my adventures from last week:

Early morning running in the city. I love to take in the views of Minneapolis from the St Anthony Main area.
After my latest 20 mile trail run, I threw out my trail shoes after realizing just how bad they were. Since I hate driving in the city, my friend and I found ourselves a couple of scooters and made our way to Mill City Running so that I could pick up a new pair of Altra’s.
Did I mention that we got a new puppy on Labor Day?! Her name is Bella and she is a Giant Schnoodle. As if our life isn’t crazy enough…
The awesome thing about a Health Coaching Conference – healthy options are never an issue…
Saturday long run – 26 miles. It still feels hard. Some days I really struggle with the idea of running 100K plus a 10K the next day, all on trails. I just keep reminding myself to trust the process, know that I am strong and stubborn and hopefully some of the excitement of race day will help drive me to the finish.
On Sunday, I actually skipped my 12 mile run and opted for the bike again and even though Monday was supposed to be an off day, I got up and did another ride. My left leg/IT Band is giving me some pain, not discomfort and that prompted me to change it up. I don’t need to get injured at this point.
Monday 9/9 was my 40th birthday! I’m thankful for so many family and friends for reaching out to me on my special day!
Tuesday trail run with Blue.
Wednesday morning run….woke up needing a strong shot of Day Quil. Mustered out enough energy to get my run done, took a nap and trying to rest up and kick it quickly!
Due to continued rain and sickness, I did indoor workouts Thursday and will hit the trails tomorrow morning.

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