Life doesn’t always go as planned and that saying definitely applies to my training plans as well. I was optimistic the week of February 11th that I would be able to add in a little extra distance to offset spending the weekend on my yoga mat and driving while attending a yoga training. It didn’t work out due to my workload, PiYo classes, and preparing to be out of town Friday afternoon through Sunday night. I’m thankful that I’m truly not in training mode yet and have plenty of time before that starts or it would have added another layer of stress to my already full week.

I was able to go on two runs for a total of 8.25 miles. The first was just a quick 3 mile run on my lunch break. We had fresh snow and the roads had not been plowed yet. It was very tiring and slippery when I did catch the surface hidden by the fresh snow. The second run was after I had dropped off my boys at school. I thought that the road conditions would be better in town, but they were just as crappy as they were around my house. Many sidewalks covered with snow, snow covered shoulders and snow banks that didn’t help with visibility for me or for cars to be able to see me. In total, I was able to pound out 5.25 around the streets of Brainerd and snap a photo in front of the mural in downtown.

I spent last Saturday and Sunday at a yoga training and learned how to teach Yoga Strong. Yoga Strong is a blend of vinyasa yoga with resistance training and cardio burst segments. As I think about ramping up my mileage this summer, I’m looking for a workout option that is time efficient and helps me continue to build muscle and improve flexibility. These components of fitness are especially important to me as a runner because they help me stay as injury free as possible. I think this is going to be such a good fit for my time and fitness goals.

On Monday, I was invited to lead a yoga/stretching based activity at our local high school for a wellness event. I was so thankful to put this class together and create an inviting space for our teachers to relax and just focus on being present in the moment.

This week I’ve been able to log a little bit more for a total of 16 miles. I enjoyed four miles with my friend Dayle before our PiYo class on Tuesday night. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed a wonderful sunset! For a small moment, it let us forget for how sick of winter we truly are. On Wednesday, I set out for a 5 mile run first thing in the morning in heavy snow. I grabbed a hat and wore my buff over it so that I could actually see. Thursday morning I set out again for another run as soon as the boys got on the bus. The roads that I run on had not been plowed yet and I left my tracks everywhere I went.  My last run of the week was yesterday for a total of 4 miles. We finally had a mild temperature day and the snow was slushy and soft. It reminded me of running on the beach in Florida, just much colder and less beautiful. 

This week I am watching my niece while my sister is on vacation. I’m realistic that I won’t get the long runs in that I would like to. My plan is to get up before she does and run 3 miles each morning before my husband leaves for work. That will get me 15 miles for the week, which is better than nothing! I have another 16 hours of yoga training this weekend and I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to get in a longer run on Saturday or Sunday (or both) before or after the training, but not confident enough to pencil it into my fitness planner. It’s being hosted at our local YMCA, so at least I don’t have a lot of driving to do this time!

Total Mileage in 2019 to date: 110.5