Training Time!

The start has finally arrived!

The start of what? 100K trail run training, that’s what!

Last month my base training fell apart. If you’re close to me, you know that we lost a beautiful life close to us in the middle of the month. The grieving process comes in waves – a thought, a song, a memory, a funny saying, a movie she recommended. It was just too much to try to physically try to keep up with my mileage goals, which were trivial, when it comes to reflecting on the loss of future memories. We have a plentiful amount of previous memories, but what I mourn for are the loss of future memories that we will miss being a part of. She was my cheerleader…even though she felt I was crazy. I’m going to be thinking of her every step of this challenge!

If you checked out my previous website, you might be wondering what the heck happened. Technology happened and we had to scrap it and start over. That happens in life sometimes – we just have to throw out what used to be and start over.

This will be my new space for chronicling my training and sharing training photos leading up to the Wild Duluth Wildwoman Challenge I’ll attempt to complete a 100K trail run on Saturday, October 19th and the Terribly Tough 10K on Sunday, October 20th.

This week is the official start of the 20-week training plan that I had selected to follow. Here is an outline of my training plan for the week of June 3rd – June 9th

Monday – Yoga✅ & Bowflex ✅

Tuesday – 4 Miles ✅

Wednesday – 6 Miles (trail run at arb) & Yoga Strong ✅

Thursday – 4 Miles ✅

Friday – Bike 14.5 ✅

Saturday – 14 Miles

Sunday – 6 Miles (with Cheyenne!)

My hope by sharing by accomplishments, struggles and challenges is to inspire someone! If I inspire even one person to chase down a goal that they’ve been thinking of going after – no matter how small or big that is – it makes me happy. We are faced with so much negativity in the world, we need to turn away from it and start believing in ourselves and believing that we CAN do hard things. Don’t spend your life sitting on the couch wishing that you were x, y or z or should have, would have, could have – get up and make some memories. An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention!

Bowflex Max Trainer Workout
Post Yoga Glow!
4 miles – 2.25 miles were with Blue
6 mile early run at the arboretum
4 miles – 2 with Blue
Our last Yoga Strong class – Cody talked me into bringing Blue with! He got lots of loving!
Spent my lunch break on Thursday getting Dalerie’s tattoo on my wrist. A great way to still make her come to fitness classes with me in spirit!
Loop the Lake! 14 miles of greenery and sun around Lake Edward in the early morning hours.
After much procrastination…I wrapped up my 6 miles for the week just before the sun went down.

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