Week 10

Here we are, the dog days of summer, and I’m right in the smack dab center of my ultra marathon training program. I don’t know that there is ever an ideal time to train for an event like this when you live in Minnesota. You’re either training during the questionable spring weather, the frigid winter months or during the hottest, humid (bug filled) weeks of summer.

The weather challenges, the life challenges, problem-solving around how, when and where you’ll get your mileage in is what makes the accomplishment of stepping on the starting line feeling ready more rewarding.

This week starts the build of high mileage weeks as we get closer to the run. In addition to high miles to run, I’m also starting to teach yoga at a local studio once a week. Yoga helps me stay calm, present, and injury free. To some, it may seem like one more thing to add to my busy schedule, but it really helps me stay grounded with all that is going on.

Here is an outline of the training week ahead:

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – 4 miles (4)

Wednesday – 10 miles and yoga (just yoga – miles will have to be tomorrow)

Thursday – 4 miles (6)

Friday – Rest Day (8)

Saturday – 24 miles (7)

Sunday – 10 miles (13.1)

Planned mileage: 52 miles

Actual mileage: 38.1 – ouch.

4 Tuesday miles – Jump up and go after what you want in life…NOBODY will do it for you!
Wednesday – Back in the studio and on the mat!
Friday – 1 mile with Blue. I can’t believe that he is 7 months old already! He is such a good boy! After our time together, I went out for an additional 7 miles.
Saturday – 10 miles on this new beauty! My home gym is now complete!
Saturday – 7 evening miles. Honestly, it’s been a really shitty day! Tomorrow is a new day ❤
I ended up calling it quits on what was supposed to be my longest run and highest mileage week. I was experiencing some tightness on this run that I normally don’t deal with. After several attempts to stretch it out, it didn’t feel better. I called my husband to come pick me up about halfway through my run and stretched out on my mat with my foam roller instead. I’ll divide up the mileage that I am short and attempt to make it up next week, but am remaining realistic about what my schedule and body will allow. I’m still chasing down my goals, but listening to my body.

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