Week 11

There is a saying…

Don’t run with your legs, run with your heart.

On Sunday, my heart was telling me – screw this. Saturday was a disaster. I woke up to a sick dog that had SPRAYED diarrhea across our light colored carpet. Is there anything worse in the world to clean up? The answer is a clear NO. Absolutely awful.

After cleaning up that mess, repeatedly, my husband and I moved onto our next weekend project – fix the shower drain. We picked up some different tools to try to free up the clog which was really far down the line, this has been an ongoing battle at home. At some point during the process, the garden hose flushing connection came out of the wrong pipe and poured right through the floor directly on top of the motor of our hot water heater and burned out the motor. Here we are waiting for a part until Friday. Thank goodness we have a camper hooked up in the driveway that we can use for warm showers. We have each taken a handful of cold ones and that is a true test of will!

Don’t go anywhere, Saturday isn’t done with us yet. We went up to Backus to visit with my mom at her campsite. After arriving home, my 15 year old went down to his bedroom and found his flatscreen tv tipped over and the screen shattered.

Uffda. I was so over with this day! However, I still had not done my run due to all the complications of the day. I decided to head out for an evening run, fully prepared to be mauled by a bear or something at the rate that I was going. Needless to say, my head wasn’t in it and I cut the mileage a few miles short and went back home.

Sunday morning I woke up with every intention of running about 24 miles, but my heart still wasn’t in it, and neither was my body. I was experiencing some tightness that I normally don’t have and after stopping several times to stretch it out, I still wasn’t feeling relief. I decided to call it quits at 13.1 and be happy with a half marathon distance. This weekend was just a crappy one – literally.

Starting fresh this week with a better attitude and positive outlook. I’m working on making up my mileage (if I’m feeling able to) and adding more yoga and biking to my routine to help with cross-training.

Goals this week: () means completed

Monday – 3 (3 with Cheyenne and Cody came with on bike)

Tuesday – 4 (4)

Wednesday – Yoga (Taught class at GrandView Lodge NorthPark Center & Nisswa Yoga)

Thursday – 10 (10 and Cody rode his bike with me)

Friday – 4 + Yoga (4)

Saturday – 10 + Demo at Community Yoga Event (6 + yoga + spin)

Sunday – 24 miles (25.6)

My sister was visiting from Wyoming and we squeezed in a quick run together.
4 mile run in the dark and a 30 minute ride.
Two yoga classes today. I feel very chill.

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