Week 12

It’s the final countdown! I can’t help but get that song by Europe stuck in my head as I think about my boys going back to school. Just 6.5 work days left since I have some time off this week. I love them, but it’s so challenging to occupy them, get Dom back and forth to football and to work regular work hours. I’m constantly staying online late to make up for many breaks spread out throughout the day. Thank goodness for a flexible work schedule!

I’m also on the back end of training for my ultramarathon. Training is getting harder, but it’s encouraging to know that it is 8 weeks away, so these high mileage weeks won’t last forever. It’s encouraging and scary at the same time. There are some runs that are so hard that I question why I’m doing this and there are some that I feel good about and find confidence that my training will help me to the finish line as long as I don’t get lost. That is still one of my biggest fears after running that short stretch up on the SHT and hearing it firsthand from a couple of people that have ran this race. I’ll keep taking it one day, one run at a time. I can’t spend my energy focusing on something that is not here yet.

This week welcomed in a lighter training week before ramping up again next week. I’m thankful that the timing worked out the way it did because I’ll be making a short trip down to Minneapolis on Thursday to visit my brother that has an overnight layover on his way back to the AFB in Korea where he will finish off the remainder of the year at. We don’t get to see each other often with him being so far away so I’ll jump on this opportunity to spend several hours with him.

Here is the training plan for this week.

Monday – Rest day (spin class)

Tuesday – 4 miles (3 and a thunderstorm cut it short)

Wednesday – Yoga (taught 2 classes)

Thursday – 8 miles (3 miles with Blue + spin with arms)

Friday – 4 miles (6 miles on treadmill at hotel)

Saturday – 8 miles (6.2 miles speed work)

Sunday – 10 miles (9.1 miles)

3 miles with Blue. Our goal was 4 but a thunderstorm rolled in and as soon as we walked in the house, it poured sheets of rain!
3 miles with this sweet boy followed by a class on my bike
Like the saying – a watched pot never boils – treadmill miles are much longer than outdoor miles…
Speed work! Fastest mile was 8:44. I’m happy with that!
My hubby joined me by bike for this one. We ended it with a coffee from Stonehouse in Nisswa. Yum!

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