Week 13

My mantra this week to live by is 5 more work days…For any of you parents out there that work remotely or maybe take a bazillion phone calls from your kiddos over summer break – you know what I’m talking about! I love my kids and being able to do so much with them over the summer, but at this point of the year, I feel like I’m burning the candle from both ends. I’m ready for a quiet household and to be able to do my work within the normal working hours of the day instead of late into the evening. I’m sure I’ll have some of those days sprinkled in as I work in some long runs during the day while the kids are at school, but it won’t be the norm.

This week will be a big running week. There are 7 weeks remaining until race day and the running schedule is reflecting that. Overall, my body is feeling good. The additional yoga and spinning seem to be working well for cross-training and I haven’t had the hint of pain to tell me that I’m overdoing it or under training. I feel good!

The schedule for this week:

Monday – Rest (45-minute spin class)

Tuesday – 4 miles (3.3 with Blue before going to the vet for neutering appointment)

Wednesday – Rest – Teach 2 yoga classes

Thursday – 12 miles

Friday – 5 miles

Saturday – 26 miles

Sunday – 12 miles

45-minutes – 540 calories burned!
3.3 miles with Blue before his appointment 🙁

Last day of morning yoga at Grand View Lodge for the season for me. This is such a beautiful place and reminds me of the movie Dirty Dancing. This definitely would have been where that family would have vacationed had it been based on a true story.

Starting after Labor Day, I’ll be switching to Monday evening classes at Nisswa Yoga.

Early morning 11.1 mile run. I was shooting for 12 but came up a little short on my route.
Friday was a bust. I taught an early morning yoga class and lost my day after that since I had a couple of personal appointments. I stepped up the intensity on Saturday to make up for it by completing 20 miles of trails at the arboretum. Although I was overall short on mileage, the terrain was really what I needed and pushed me harder than flat road miles would have.
Uff – chafing! I hate you! My long run at the arb resulted in some nasty, raw chafing under both of my arms thanks the an awkwardly placed seam. I had to be mindful to keep my arms out wide and reapply healing balm about every mile on my Sunday run to keep from tearing up!

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