Week 3

Our week on the road continues. We are wrapping up our stay in Ten Sleep, Wyoming and will make our way about 4 hours west of here and settle in Moran for the next few days, follow by a stay in Victor, ID which is just over the mountain pass and close to where my sister lives. We’ve been having fun exploring the mountains, visited a fish hatchery, a brewery, had ice cream at a cute shop and learned that this town’s graduating class only consists of 5 people (one girl) and enjoyed an impromptu sheep herding this morning that went right behind our campground. It’s been a laid back and carefree trip so far!

Our next few days will be spent exploring Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. Although I’m certain I’ll get a lot of activity in with the family, I’m still trying my best to honor my running goals without being hard on myself. So far so good!

Here is this weeks plan:

Monday – Off day, but I did get 3 bonus miles in this morning!

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – 4 miles (4, yoga, 4)

Friday – Off day (4.4 1 hour timed trail)

Saturday – 8 miles (4.69 mountainous climb)

Sunday – 4 miles (2)

I think I’ll be able to combine Saturday and Sunday mileage into one by taking a longer run with Cheyenne, she mentioned a trail run for us to do that together. I’m excited for that!

Update: Actual miles ran = 22.09…short on mileage, but exceeded intensity goals! Running in the mountains was challenging due to elevation and terrain. I definitely made up for the lack in mileage by increased efforts on the trail.

Monday morning running views below. I ran before we left our campsite in Ten Sleep. I followed a trail used for herding sheep (freshly used, mind you) and coated the bottom layer of my shoes in fresh manure.

On Tuesday we headed to Yellowstone to see Old Faithful and stopped at various scenic sites throughout the park. Not much in terms of activity since both Yellowstone and Grand Tetons are not dog friendly parks. When we got back to the campsite, I switched into my running gear before the temptation to enjoy a beer took over.

On Wednesday, we explored the Grand Tetons and went on about every back road that we could. We were lucky enough to spot a mama grizzly bear with two cubs, lots of elk, buffalo and pronghorn.

I opted for a Yoga for Runner’s workout since I was ahead on mileage and felt my body needed it.

On Thursday morning we hooked up the camper to begin our travels to another location closer to my sister. I was excited for this change because I would finally be able to run with her the following morning, something that doesn’t happen often anymore with her living so far away and both of our schedules being so busy when we do connect. On Friday morning she picked me up from my campsite and we went to a local trail and met two of her running partners, which are also her partners for an upcoming Ragnar Trail Run in July. An absolutely breath taking trail with rolling hills, gushing streams and a dog named Oliver to help pull me along! I was thankful for these companions because everywhere we went so far had a ton of signage for not going on the trails without bear spray. Since they are locals, they were prepared with bear spray and bells on the dog. Running as a group also helps since we are always chatting. Luckily – no bear sightings on the trail!

On Saturday morning she picked me up for another run on a different terrain. This time we basically scaled a mountain up to the top and then ran the ridge to take in the views of the valley below. This was a very challenging, lung burning run! The greatest thing about it was running into loose horses at the top. Their owners were camped out nearby and left them to roam and graze on grass while they slept. One was so friendly, it kept following us down the trail.

On Sunday I chose to do a very slow, very short, very flat shakeout run. My calves were on fire from the day before and I knew I couldn’t keep up with anyone on the trail if I tagged along!

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