Week 4

We are home from our adventure! We chose to really put in the miles on Monday morning as soon as we got up and it paid off. With consistent driving and minimal stops, we made it home at 3 pm on Tuesday. Even though driving/being a passenger requires nothing of you, it is so draining. I decided to chalk up Tuesday as an off day and reboot all of my efforts, including meal tracking, on Wednesday morning.

I’m so thankful that I took Wednesday off as a buffer just in case we weren’t back in time for some reason. It’s been an awesome day to get caught up on house stuff, replenish our groceries and run some errands.

Here are my training plans for this week:

Monday – Travel/rest day

Tuesday – Initially planned for 4 miles, but turned into travel/rest day

Wednesday – 7.5 miles (7.5)

Thursday – 7.5 miles (7.5)

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – 18 miles

Sunday – 9 miles

Weekly total of 42 miles

I’m thankful that the weather held off this Thursday morning. The clouds started to concern me at about the midway point of my run and I paused to pull up the weather radar. All was good and I made it home without getting a bonus shower!

On Saturday morning, I hit the trail at 5 am and pounded out my 18 miles and wrapped it up with an hour of yoga in the park with 3 friends that joined me. My muscles needed that relief and down time.
Sunday morning 9 mile run. My husband and Cody joined me by bike. We went out as soon as the thunderstorm passed and it broke the humidity up a little bit. I was slow, but proud of myself for finishing up this physically and mentally challenging week of 42 miles total training miles.

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