Week 5

Farewell June! It’s been fun and full of adventure. Power conditioning started at the high school, Cody started baseball, camping trips, a 3,000 mile road trip out west, and triple the mileage that I ran in the entire month of May. There is never a dull moment raising an active family, that is for sure!

I’ve been very cautious about my mileage and including a lot of intervals. In an ideal world, I would gradually ramp up my weekly mileage about 10% at a time, but often times life happens and we aren’t able to follow our mapped out plans to a T. When this happens, we have to improvise and do things like add in extra intervals, be very diligent about stretching, and cross train to avoid overuse injuries which are very common in runners.

Running Data for June

Today I spent the day taking care of things around the house, ran 9 miles, made a short visit to family in Little Falls, stopped by the garden at my dads place and picked radishes and lettuce, meal planned and prepped a little and scoped out what the week ahead looks like.

For meal planning this week, I had my oldest take a sticky note out to our garage freezer and made a note of what kind of meat we had on hand. After that, I looked through my meal prep binder of recipes and picked out meals that will use up what we have on hand without making additional trips to the store. As you can probably see, we have chicken and ground turkey to use up. Each night, I will put together a salad bar of the veggies that I prepped up and everyone can add their own toppings that they like. The prepped veggies also work well for snacks and lunches. I find that if I don’t wash and slice them, they won’t get used up. When they are stored like this, it makes the healthy choice the easy choice and they are consumed quickly.

My training will be pretty intense this week, but I’m staying motivated by the fact that the following week will be much lighter. I’m not worried about the holiday this week. If I let it, it could affect my training, but I keep close tabs on my calendar daily and the 4th of July and festivities did not just pop up out of nowhere. We’ve made camping plans, but I’ll take a break away from my family early and go out and get it done. They know how to make breakfast and take care of the dogs, I can be okay with stepping back from that role if just for a few hours and work on my own goals and aspirations. Personal goals are important for your kids to see, even if they don’t appreciate it at the moment.

Weekly Mileage Goals:

Monday – Off Day (did Yoga for Athletes and took Blue for a 2 mile walk)

Tuesday – 4 miles (4)

Wednesday – 8 miles (8.56)

Thursday – 4 miles (4.15)

Friday – Off Day

Saturday – 20 miles (20)

Sunday – 10 miles (9)

Weekly total = 46 miles (yowser)

Actual total = 45.71

Yoga for Athletes. It felt so good to stretch it out. Have to stay healthy and injury free!
4 Miles on Tuesday morning. Beautiful sunrise coming up over Lake Edward.
8.56 sweaty miles…why are the deer flies out at 6 am? I got a friendly reminder of how long I’ve been focusing on my training plan so far!
After my run, I took Cody to the strawberry patch. We picked a little over 4 lbs worth of strawberries for delicious snacking!
Summer training in the heat and humidity in a safe and somewhat comfortable way can be achieved through planning ahead. Managing salt intake during extreme sweat loss and doing your best to stay chafe free help you stay on pace with your training goals, instead of waiting to recover and heal from what could have been prevented in the first place.
Happy 4th of July! I ran the first 3 miles solo and stopped at home for my little man to join me for the last one!

On Saturday morning, I set out on the red dirt trails of the Cuyuna Recreational Area to rack up 20 hilly miles.

Sunday was a nice shakeout run with some trail running friends from the area. It’s funny how the miles go by so much quicker with someone else to chat with along the way! I was supposed to do 10, but finished with 9 instead. I feel like the effort and terrain over the last couple of days will make up for the one mile that I missed 😉

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