Week 6

I can hardly believe that I’ve been training consistently for going on 6 weeks already. The half way point of my training is approaching, which is kind of scary! My training will peak right in the midst of my least favorite running season – the dog days of summer. That means getting up at ridiculously early hours to get the miles in before it heats up and before all the deer flies, horse flies and mosquitos that test our Minnesota patience to the limits each year wake up.

We spent this last weekend camping over in the Crosby area and I was able to get in 29 miles of training on the red dirt trails. Surprisingly, my body handled it well. Mild spotty chafing, I kept on top of my hydration and salt intake and although stairs offer a bit of a reminder about all the hills that I climbed and descended, I feel great overall!

After the hard work comes the reward – a light training week! I had to keep reminding myself of this when I was out there on the trails – put in the work, next week will be better!

It’s a good thing that it is a light training week because it will be a busy week at home – wrapping up baseball for Cody, a fishing tournament tonight, a movie night at the park on Wednesday, and since we camped all weekend, I didn’t get any meal prepping done. Since we also ate like we were kings at the restaurants in town, we will eat like we are paupers at home since we blew through our food budget. I won’t stress about it. It was a super fun weekend and now it is time to buckle down.

Here is what’s up for training this week:

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 4 miles (3.96)

Wednesday – 4 miles (4.25)

Thursday – 4 miles (0)

Friday – Rest (4.05)

Saturday – 10 miles (10)

Sunday – 5 miles (6.76)

Scheduled miles – 27 (that is less than Saturday and Sunday combined last week)

Actual miles – 29

Stay tuned for my adventures in training this week!

Holy humidity! I ran a warm-up mile without Blue, then stopped at home and got him for a few more!
Jumping with joy for being done with the run! Legs are sluggish this week, I’m hoping my training plan is accounting for that feeling with the lower week.
Saturday morning I ran on the Paul Bunyan Trail. Deer flies were terrible and I avoided most walking intervals unless I could visibly notice that they were not present. I finished up with yoga in the park with three ladies. Such a nice way to stretch out!
Sunday morning run in the Baxter area with three friends. Running with others definitely makes me run faster and it’s nice to know that I have a faster pace within me. As I’ve been ramping up my mileage, I definitely stick to what I’m comfortable with most of the time, this was a welcomed change of pace.

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