Week 8

I wish I had some words of inspiration to share with you, but I really don’t. Training for an endurance run is hard. It’s not necessarily the miles that are the hardest part, it’s the managing the rest of the daily tasks of your life and fitting in the training that is hard.

I was running with a small group this morning and we were chatting about training and one of them asked me how high my mileage goes up to when the training peaks and I honestly couldn’t answer that question. I probably should know, but I don’t. I’m at the point where I can only focus on the very next run coming up on my schedule and think about what time I will get it in.

This struggle is real and is what shy’s a lot of people away from distance running. It’s one thing to commit to a run or a training plan in the moment when you’re feeling motivated. It’s a completely different thing to follow through when you start to question your goals. In most cases, that high drifts away when the realities of your busy life start to creep in. “Busy” is the word that kills dreams. I hear it all day long as a health coach.

I’m too busy to…


Eat healthy.

Prep or plan meals.

Cook for my family.

Take a lunch break.

Sleep decently.

The list goes on. When did it become okay for us to put ourselves last? I don’t think it ever did, it just happened because we didn’t make time to care for ourselves. I feel like this is where a lot of our health issues come from, a serious lack of self-care. The only person that can change this is yourself. You have to want to care for yourself. You have to be willing to let something else go that isn’t helping you be your healthiest self – a volunteer role, doing everything for others when they could be helping or you could be delegating, taking back time that is yours (like your lunch break), etc. We all have the same amount of time in a day – 24 hours. How we divide up those hours shows what is most important in our lives. Caring for ourselves sets an example for our children. Would you want them to grow up to be stressed out, unhealthy adults? I doubt it. Be a role model and let them see that you make time for healthy behaviors because they make you FEEL good and make you HAPPY.

Own the struggle. The feeling of accomplishment of continuing to figure it out, even if sometimes you feel like a fish out of water, is so much more empowering than the feeling of giving up.

That being said, week 8 kicked off this week on my 20 week training plan. Sometimes the miles are slower than I’d like, sometimes there is more walking than I’d like, but it is what it is. The humidity and the flies have been a major challenge to my body and my mindset. However, I still get out there and figure that the time on my feet, despite the pace, are going to help me in the long run no matter what!

Here what is in store this week:

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – 4 miles (6.2)

Wednesday – 8 miles (5.5)

Thursday – 4 miles (rested)

Friday – Rest day (8)

Saturday – 22 miles (5)

Sunday – 10 miles (23.82)

Same as last week! The challenge this week is travel and camping on Friday and Saturday night in a not so friendly running location. A highway with no shoulder and tall grass right up to the edge. A deer and horse fly mecca. I’m currently debating my options and considering doing the 22 miles at home early Friday morning and doing the 10 miles when I get home on Sunday. I still haven’t made a concrete decision about that yet.

Actual miles – 48.5

Ran to the beach – steamy evening run!
I felt my body needed a good stretch session instead of running. I went to Nisswa Yoga and reflected on my last session there which was with Dalerie in December. I sure miss my workout buddy and am thankful for the memories that I have of our adventures.
Got in some early miles in preparation for another camping weekend.
A run around town – quite literally! I left the campsite early, went to town and enjoyed a less bug filled run around the town of Big Fork.
This was ROUGH! Steady rain and ankle deep puddles. I was like a wrinkled up prune when I was finished. The only good thing was…no flies biting me! I was proud of myself for reaching my weekly mileage goal. I’m not a fan of running in the afternoon/evening after I’ve been eating during the day, so this definitely felt more challenging than normal.

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