Week 9

It’s funny how our definition of “easy” can change over time. Nine weeks ago, I didn’t picture myself looking at a 30 mile week as being an easy week! Two 50 mile weeks in a row were tiring, especially when added to my already busy schedule, but I got it done! Now my body and mind can recover a bit.

My run yesterday felt super challenging and was a good reminder of how important it is to follow my advice while training. Fuel with good nutrition, avoid alcohol the night before a long run, get enough rest the night before and start early. I did none of these things. We had a fun weekend away at the North Star Stampede and I did some day drinking, which led to night drinking, which led to large portions, snacks and staying up late. We went to the fly in breakfast at the airport in the morning and had a hotdog and brat for lunch when we got home. I wasn’t leaving the house until 2 pm to start my run, ugh. To say that I set myself up for some pain and misery is an understatement – lesson learned! I was feeling pretty crummy about my finishing time, but when I took a moment to look back on my data from my previous 3 twenty miles, I was happy to see that my time has come down each week. So despite the lesson of feeling like crap, I’m still improving!

Every run is a learning opportunity. What works well, what doesn’t work well, what do I want to try differently, is there gear I want to change out? I’m trying to roughly figure out what to wear for my run – t-shirt or tank, tights, capris or shorts, etc. Yes, the weather might be drastically different on race day, but I’d at least like a piece of each apparel confidently mapped out by the time it rolls around. I know right now which pair of shorts I like the best and which pair of capris that I absolutely hate and cause bad chafing. Chafing is the #1 thing to avoid on race day, it can turn a great race into a horrible race really fast!

The schedule for this week is…

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – 4 miles (4)

Wednesday – 6 miles (6)

Thursday – 4 miles (4)

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – 10 miles (5)

Sunday – 5 miles (10)

Planned mileage – 29 miles

4 miles along the Mississippi River
6 miles up by my house – sending out my love for ALL and especially love for yourself. Show yourself love through the choices you make, the food you fuel yourself with, the way you move, the way you relieve stress and the way you speak to yourself. Show yourself some self-care and self-love!
4 quick miles before taking my son in for wisdom teeth removal surgery. Busy days don’t provide an excuse to not exercise. They provide an opportunity to start life earlier!
Friday was my rest day. I used the rest day to go to a yoga class at Nisswa Yoga in the morning and loosen up a bit. Ahhhmazing 😉
Holy humidity! I swapped my long run days and did 5 miles on Saturday instead of Sunday before hitting up the County Fair and completing some tasks around town and home.

I meal prepped some lunches for my son and hubby for work during the week. I took all the meat off of a rotisserie chicken and shredded it with my hand mixer and used that to create chicken and bean burritos inspired for this meal prep recipe.

I don’t have to prep much for myself during the week because I work from home. I have lots of veggies and fruit washed and sliced, ingredients for smoothies, eggs, marinated tofu, yogurt, etc. Simple healthy choices that I can pair together to make up a meal quickly.

Prepping lunches for my family helps streamline my week. Instead of trying to point out things that my teenager or husband can take with (usually on the phone during a run), they can simply grab and go. When you’re working on managing a busy household, work full-time and are training for an event – every little bit of organization helps!

My delicious reward for that 10 mile, 80 flights of stairs climbed (per Garmin), training run!

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