Week of January 6th Meal Plan

Hi Wellness Friends!

I’m back at it after a long break, but it is the new year and building up this website and sharing more healthy lifestyle tips with you all is something that I want to focus on more!

This week, I took the approach to plan our meals based on what we already have in the freezer and that includes boneless skinless chicken thighs, boneless skinless chicken breasts, and lots of venison. No fancy tips here, just take your phone and snap a picture of your freezer with the door open or grab a piece of paper and go out there and take a quick inventory.

Here is my meal plan based on what I found:

Our meal plan – it’s always a work in progress and we often change up the days.

I’ll only have to pick up a couple of items at the grocery store to fill in the gaps.

In addition to planning out these meals, I also took a little bit of time to precook a batch of quinoa and long grain brown rice. These will be used during the week with the chicken burrito bowls and I’ll use a little bit of them during my week day lunches.

Long grain brown rice on the left and quinoa on the right.

I also made a triple batch of energy bites which you can find a recipe for under the recipe tab. My kids gobbled up the double batch in no time last week!

Energy bites – coconut, chia seeds and mini chocolate chips added.

I also started a new batch of sprouts. These are so good on a salad or in a wrap and are so simple to grow!

New batch of alfalfa sprouts.

Lastly, I marinated some very spicy sriracha tofu cubes! I’ll be using these in my lunches during the week. I’ll make a half a block of organic ramen, tofu cubes and a big serving of broccoli all tossed together. Super simple and healthy!

My flame turned into a creepy hand!

I hope my sharing helps you think about some simple steps that you can take to feel more prepared during the week. Remember that perfection isn’t required! The concept of meal planning is to simplify our lives by taking one more decision off our minds during the week, offer some structure to our families by not eating on the go and ultimately eating more meals together and of course…eating more healthfully! Even if your meal isn’t perfect, I’m sure it will be a step up from the high sodium and oversized portions that are naturally a part of eating out. Plus you’ll be saving money!

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